MBA Sustainability Masters Degree

A sustainable MBA is the key to un-locking your earning potential today and for the entire length of your career. Smart companies are looking for those who understand and can the manage global complexity and interdependence as the new way of doing business.

As corporate attitudes toward sustainability continue to evolve, they will embrace integrated sustainability broadly as a motivating force for change, and reorganize everything they do around sustainable practice.

These companies will be looking for those who are educated and experienced, and want to build an organization that rethinks products, processes and corporate culture to use game-changing innovation that makes better use of human and natural resources.

MBA Sustainability Degrees:

  • "Green" MBA - Concentrates on sustainability, renewable energy and the environment.
  • Self Sustainability - Train and develop your total inner potential and leadership abilities.
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship - Create successful green businesses that produce real value for society.
  • Sustainable Business Solutions - Obtain the skills and knowledge in transforming and managing businesses for lasting sustainability.
  • Sustainable Management - Focuses on the people and organizational skills needed for managing projects and operations.
  • Sustainable Living - Learn advanced knowledge and experience in renewable energy, organic agriculture, and the other principal fields of sustainable living

  • MBA Sustainability - A Degree for a lifetime

    Most of these degrees can be earned in one to two years. Students may be eligible to receive credits for some undergraduate courses previously taken in the fields of sustainability, ecology, environmental science, and related fields. These credits, upon approval, can enable the student to graduate in less than two years.